Saturday, October 03, 2009

"The most important song I've ever written"

Short arcticle about "Out of Ashes".

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Listen to "Let down"

I forgt something on yesterdays update, so here you go.

You can listen to the Song "Let down", now here.
Have fun :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

New Pictures of the Band and "Out of Ashes"

Okay I am here with some awesome updates :)
I have some pictures of "Out of ashes" and from the show in Las Vegas, yesterday. As well as a new "Behind the scenes" - video :)

Let's start with the concert pictures.

And continue with the pictures of the "Out of Ashes" booklet.

Source: LpLive

And now the video...

Dead By Sunrise Photo Shoot

Chester Interview at German TV Show

I found another Interview with Chester on a German TV show and thought I post it :)
It has german subtitles but you can understand him pretty good so, no problems I guess ^^

Despite that, Ryan Shuck posted a little tweet about the show in Las Vegas. We don't have any information or pictures or videos so far, but we're excited to see them. So if you have anything... come here and send us a mail at sunrise-on-fire@hotmail.
com and we'll post your stuff here. And here you go with Ryan :)

and one from Talinda.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

DBS Merchandise/Epicenter review

YAY, they finally arrived! Those awesome t-shirts landed on earth and you can buy them! They have their own webstore that can be entered here.
The band itself chose the designs for these t-shirts and they really look awesome!

Another thing I want to show to you (it's probably old and you all know it but just enjoy it, it's great):

The crowd's response was beyond electric. Bennington immediately launched into, "Crawl Back In," the first single from Dead By Sunrise's forthcoming Warner Bros. debut, Out of Ashes [due out October 13]. "Crawl Back In" bled true hard rock swagger. Bennington's inimitable voice pulsated with power as he snaked across the stage in classic fashion. Ryan Shuck's riffs coupled with Amir Derakh's base forged a raw gutter rock backdrop for Bennington to slink through. "Crawl Back In" touted an anthemic refrain, and Dead By Sunrise completely hypnotized listeners. On "Fire," the band pulled back some of the intensity, paving the way for a sweeping chorus. Bennington never stopped moving though. His energy was palpable and the lyrics on "My Suffering" felt poetic. Dead By Sunrise played a personal and powerful set, perfectly prefacing their debut—which is bound to be one of the best rock records of the year. Read the whole review

Source:, artistdirect

CD Reviews/Vegas Show

Out Of Ashes is already out in Japan, therefore there are some reviews. ;) I found two on LPTimes, will add more later.

Out of Ashes is a beautifully crafted album which skillfully takes the listener on a whirlwind trip through Bennington’s remarkable trials of recent life. He lays bare his deepest, most personal moments from when he hit rock-bottom, through his pain and suffering and to his discovery of new love and the process of healing. Read more

This is the debut album of Chester Bennington's side project "Dead By Sunrise". the album begins with Fire, which is a song about losing someone you love and how to deal with that. The song is personal to my heart because I know how it feels and I have to deal with that now so it's like one of my new lifestory songs lol. Read more

You wrote your own review? Send it to us! We will post it on SoF!

And DBS will be playing at the Wasted Space (Hard Rock Hotel) in Vegas today! Stay tuned for photos and videos! ;)
Oh, and of course, you can send us your own photos and videos!

Source: LPTimes

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures from the "Let down" shoot

Talinda, Chester's beautiful wife, posted via Twitter some nice pictures of herself and her husband right from the "Let down" video shoot.
"Let down" will be the first single here in Europe and we're excited ;) So thank you very much for sharing, Talinda.

Source: Talinda Twitter

We got also a mail with a link to the full studio version from "Let down" to hear on youtube and we're thankful for that BUT I just wanted to let you know even though "Out of Ashes" is out already in Japan we're not posting anything like this before the record is out worldwide. So if you have stuff like this for Sun(rise) on Fire, go ahead send us a mail but don't be mad if we're posting it later on ;)
We will post and share it for sure.

Thank you,

Listen to Out Of Ashes before everybody else!

You can win a pre-listening session with the band by telling the German radio station EinsLive how the name of Chester's first band is. I assume the session will be in the station's building because they don't say anything.

Pointing it out: DBS will be there with you to listen to the album ;)

So, in case you win, please take photos for us! :D

Source: Thanks to Mel ;)

Fire featured on "Three Rivers"

According to Chester's official site, Fire will be featured on the upcoming episode of Three Rivers. The episode will be on CBS on Sunday, Oct 4th. So, don't miss it :)

Some site stuff:
You can still send in your DBS stories! We would love to read your stories and post them on SoF next week! ;) And we're planning on showing it to certain people so maybe you want them to know why you're a fan!

On the right side, in the navigation, there's our little poll. We welcome you to vote, it helps us with deciding ;) So, voting would be great!

And we want you to send us your scans of DBS articles, concert photos, fanarts, whatever you have!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

[Gallery] New screencaps & new category

We present you new screencaps, this time from the Sonisphere show in Knebworth, UK. Taken by the awesome Matt *worships* You should really check those out, they're amazing!

Thanks so much!

A little preview:

And we have a new category in our gallery! You can now send in your DBS fanart! :D
Thanks to L1NK-91 for this one:

DBS on Kimmel and Letterman in Oct

DBS will be on Kimmel and Letterman sometime in October. I don't know when exactly since I couldn't find any information on it on their sites. I'm sorry for that. But it's no rumor, it's true ;)

So, Kimmel's show is on ABC, usually weeknights 12.05pm and you can watch David Letterman on CBS, weeknights 11.35pm. Just for the people who don't know. ;)

On October 13th they're on Letterman & 21st Kimmel.

And I want to show you a very nice picture. Someone was so great to do this:

Thanks to Amir for all the news!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Another DBS show in Germany

So, you can only WIN tickets to this club show in Hamburg, Germany. All you have to do is to tell Delta Radio why you have to win those tickets.

The exact place where the show will be is a secret. Whoo, it's a secret show. And yes, you can only WIN the tickets, they're not for sale.

Thanks to Tamara for letting me know! :D

Source: lplive, DeltaRadio

SHREDnews reviews on "Out Of Ashes"

They give it a 9 of 10! C'mon, it's surely better!
BUT from another perspective, this rate is good. ;) Since so many people talk bad about it...
On another word, the review is very good. :)

Here's the review:

An artists portfolio is a very important and personal item; only the best of their work is picked to be presented and they must chose each piece themselves. It’s often recommended that an artist begin and finish the portfolio with the two strongest pieces, descending from each end into the middle with the weakest of the strong.

It seems to me that Chester Bennington has followed this advice exactly with his deeply personal new project Dead By Sunrise. Not only is the album some of his finest lyrical work, it also begins and ends with two spectacular tracks, much like his very own portfolio of songs. Full review on SHREDnews

Source: LinkinLady, LPTimes