Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures from the "Let down" shoot

Talinda, Chester's beautiful wife, posted via Twitter some nice pictures of herself and her husband right from the "Let down" video shoot.
"Let down" will be the first single here in Europe and we're excited ;) So thank you very much for sharing, Talinda.

Source: Talinda Twitter

We got also a mail with a link to the full studio version from "Let down" to hear on youtube and we're thankful for that BUT I just wanted to let you know even though "Out of Ashes" is out already in Japan we're not posting anything like this before the record is out worldwide. So if you have stuff like this for Sun(rise) on Fire, go ahead send us a mail but don't be mad if we're posting it later on ;)
We will post and share it for sure.

Thank you,

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