Saturday, August 22, 2009

Webcast: LP & DBS to perform at Epicenter

A little late but there's gonna be a webcast on KROQ, so you can watch the performance of Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise online.

Starts 11.45am PDT, watch it here.

Screenshots and everything else of the performance are very welcome ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twitter respond/ New Category

Okay, we decided to make another little feature here on the site with posting Twitter replies from the band, which means Dead by Sunrise, or Julien-K :)
You will be able to check out all the responses here as well :)

We start with, Chester-Dean who got an answer from Amir ;)
To see the picture in bigger size, just click on it :)

Ryanne sended us also a Email with some of her Twitter resonses she got from Amir as well. Thank you for that, hun ;)
If you have Twitter responsed from the guys, or anything else you want to share, just write us a mail at:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New DBS Promo Pics [EDIT: fullsize photos]

Ryanne (thanks you for letting me know, girl <3) wrote me a mail and let me know that Dead by Sunrise added a widget at Facebook on their Fansite. I went over to take a look and I saw that they're having new pics on there. Sadly I can't get them in a better size. They're small >.< So if anyone of you have them in a bigger size... please let us know :)

Credit goes to Chestington :)

And the Widget ;)

MTV Blog: Linkin Park's Chester Bennington on "solo path" with Dead By Sunrise

Thanks to Google, I found an older blog post on MTV Germany. It doesn't say much but it includes an interview. I've never seen it before, so I thought it's worth the post!

This fall we can look forward to the first album "Out of Ashes" of Chester Bennington's solo-project Dead By Sunrise.

Already two years ago, there were rumos about a solo-project of the Linkin Park singer. Now it's official - together with electronic rock formation Julien-K, Chester founded the project Dead By Sunrise. The Linkin Park front man, besides vocals, plays the guitar and keyboard partly.

As always I added some Screencaps, head over to Chester-land to see more ;)

Win DBS stickers and posters

You can win stickers and posters by updating your facebook profile to inform everyone on DBS!
For a better explanation and more informations, head over to facebook!

I found my DBS stickers on the dirty ground... oO without doing anything. Well, 'cept leaning down and grabbing them.

Kavka vs. The Web - Interview w/ Chester

Just took a look at Siby's site and have found this on her news site:

Kavka Vs. The Dead - Kavka vs. The Web, Folge 19

An interview with the amazing Markus Kavka. It's german-subtitled, but the interview itself is in english. They're Myspacer of the week!

Dead by Sunrise live

Chester-land posted a video of a pro shoot of DBS performing "Crawl back in".
We already posted it here , but here you have it without ND and the litte Interview with Chester in between ;)
Thank you to Chester-land for letting us know :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Site updates

Some of you may noticed that we're busy working on the site.
After Chester-land added us to their Family-Site section we decided to do the same. So you can check out our Family-Site on the Sidebar, right over our Affiliates.
Want to be a part of the Family or our Affiliates? - Just send us a mail to your site at:

I also added some screencaps of Chester from the Rock 'n Coke Interview. Check them out here: Rock 'n Coke

Sunday, August 16, 2009

'Crawl back in' on DBS' myspace

Finally, the debut single of DBS "Crawl back in" is now up on their Myspace profile, thanks to ChesterDEAN for letting us now. :)

And according to a good friend of mine, there's something special about the song over at LPRussia. I don't know what exactly.

Videos: Rock'n Coke interview + ND, DBS live @ Sonisphere

New videos are added to our favorites list on our youtube channel, one is an interview with Chester at the Rock'n'Coke festival in Turkey and the other is a video from the Sonisphere show, showing "New divide" and Dead By Sunrise, as well as a little interview with Chester :)

The interview

I added some screencaps, like always head over to Chester-land to see more ;)

"New Divide" + Dead By Sunrise

New performance videos of DBS

Found two new performance Videos of Dead by Sunrise ;) Thanks to Linkin-Park Lea-Fan for posting it on Facebook.

"Fire" at Sonisphere Festival 2009 Knebworth

"Crawl back in" at Sonisphere Festival 2009 Knewbworth