Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dead by Sunrise signing - Club Tattoo Las Vegas Opening

Found a great video about the signing in Las Vegas ;) Thanks to ChesterDean for uploading it for Chester-land.

New Layout

We're back. With a new layout :)

Hope you guys like it. We had some trouble uploading it and had to make the whole site new. So if we missed anything or missed you in the Affiliate part, please let us know ;)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pictures of the new DBS Sneak peak video

I added some screencaps ;) Thanks to Chester-land for making them :)

Sexy Chester, eh?

Okay, I admit it. Chester is sexy, yes I said that ;)
Joey_DC let me know about this great new DBS Promtion picture :)
Click on it to see it even bigger :D

If you want it bigger, check out the gallerie of PFF - Pheonix Farrell Fansite and register to her gallerie ;)

DBS on Bravo Magazine

DBS will be featured in the next german Bravo Magazine. We'll update more when the magazine is out ;) Thank you to
Pheonix Farrell Fan for the screen

Chester talks about Dead by Sunrise

Another video ;)

Thank you to Chester-land for loading it up.

DBS back in UK in September

DBS will be back in UK in September ;)

“We’re back in the UK in September. Pity there’s not another Sonisphere then.”
Elias Andra, Dead by Sunris

New Promo picture - Dead by sunrise

First of all, sorry that it took us a few to update the page but I was a little stressed out and busy, but now I'll do it ;)

We start with a new Promo Picture of
Dead by Sunrise.

Monday, August 03, 2009

HD videos of Stuttgart performance

There are three videos of the three-songs-set of Dead by Sunrise on July 30 in Stuttgart. They're high definition, so your eyes should be able to enjoy watching them ;) And thank Bolt Productions for it!

Enjoy the awesome guitar solo, Chester's passionate singing and Dead by Sunrise rocking Stuttgart.
Seriously, they got me speechless. Still.

Enough of me, check it out ;)


"Crawl back in"

"My Suffering"

A cup of coffee and two cookies go to JoeyDC for letting us know (thanks so much for your help!) | thanks to LPLive. ;)

Another Message from Ryan

Ryan posted another message on the bands My SpaceHotel Lobby - Leipzig, Germany, 6:50am.

Hotel Lobby - Leipzig, Germany, 6:50am

This is by far the best tour I have ever been on. Not just because were in Europe (been there, done that) - it’s because we actually have TIME on this tour to enjoy Europe. We’re not playing every day, so that allows us a few days at a time to explore and possibly get in to trouble. We have actually been able to go out and eat, shop, and meet people (Amir and I met up w Lars Ulrich while shopping at Liberty in London – pretty awesome if you ask me!!). Very unusual for a world tour – you usually need to work so much because it’s SO expensive, you have to cram TONS into a 2 week period.

Despite my latest Tweets (about the lack of sleep) - we are having fun. Lots of fun. Well – with the lost luggage/instruments exception! The shows have been amazing, the best so far was last night in
Graefenehaichin, Germany. Amazing venue – on the beach of some huge lake, surrounded by massive, ancient machines that can only be described as... Well.. They looked like huge Transformers! They were as big as buildings. I have no idea what they really were, but they were all lit up at night with primary colors. Unreal. Because we played in Germany 2 nights before, the fans REALLY got it quickly. Like I said previously – German LP fans RULE.

Huge crowd the night before in the UK (Sonisphere). BY far - the biggest stage I have ever played on. Really fun after party.. Let’s just say thousands of camping fans, bands, press, industry peeps – partying out in the English countryside after a massive festival till the next morning. Really fun. While partying out in the middle of the fucking forest, I realized that the huge castle-like structure behind me (WTF??) was the house they used for Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight. Fucking cool, right??

Linkin Park has been nothing but COOL to us. These guys are in such a huge band – they don’t really need to give a shit about anyone – but are instead they are some of the best friends you could ever have. They’ve really been going out of their way to make us feel like they want us out here with them, and that they think what we are doing is amazing. Definitely makes you feel good when walking onstage – to know that they are cheering you on from the side. I’ve really been enjoying watching their shows out here – the fans react a bit differently in Europe – it kind of makes it a new experience for us.

At this point I am not capable of sleeping linger than 5 hours at a time. Kind of feels like I am in the military.

I suppose I sort of am.

Next stop: Japan.

More pictures from Stuttgart

Fly wrote me another comment and sended us some great pics from the show over ;) Enjoy!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Stuttgart show: Something that sounds like a review

There I am, bringing you three photos of the show. Unfortunately only three because I had to put my camera down. Well, actually, I have five photos but the other two suck.
If you want my photos of the LP show, please visit my blog; if you want to have them for your site, email me!

The last one is from Chester-land because I asked ChesterDEAN if she wants them for CL, so that one is still mine. :)
The show was great, really great. Only 3 songs but it was really good. You could see that Chester was kind of nervous since it was the first real DBS show. But some people even started to sing along with "My Suffering" and he seemed very happy about it.
Another great thing was: He sang so passionately! You could feel how much every single word means to him, it was actually like he told the crowd about his life, about the ups and downs, and how he got through it.
It took them like... 2 minutes to set up everything for them. And you could tell, the other guys in the band were enjoying themselves, they seemed so relaxed.

So, I recommend you to pre-order "Out of ashes", its release is on Oct, 13th.
And thank who ever it was from LP who came up with the idea of DBS playing at some LP shows! Was the best idea ever! They're great!

Thanks for reading, and I apologize for annoying you (if that's the case).

Have a nice and save sunday!