Friday, September 25, 2009

(EDIT) - [Gallery] New Screencaps from "Making of CBI"

Spent my day with editing screencaps and uploading them to our gallery. I made a bunch of screencaps from the "Making of Crawl Back In" a while back and finally got around to upload them. :)

Here's a preview:


I added some new pictures from the Club Tattoo Opening signing, the Opening show + the accoustic concert as well as the show at Epicenter as well ;)

30 seconds "Out of Ashes"

You can hear a sneak peak of every song that will be on "Out of Ashes"
30 seconds of ech song, check it out here... "Out of Ashes"

I post the tracklist once more too so you know which song it is because they're titled from 1 to 12 ;)
01. Fire (3:50)
02. Crawl Back In (3:02)
03. Too Late (2:59)
04. Inside Of Me (2:18)
05. Let Down (3:58)
06. Give Me Your Name (4:56)
07. My Suffering (2:39)
08. Condemned (2:32)
09. Into You (3:23)
10. End Of The World (3:56)
11. Walking In Circles (4:43)
12. In The Darkness (5:27)
13. Morning After (Bonus Track) (3:29)

Sorce: RobChesterFansite

Thursday, September 24, 2009

100. post + Confirmation

Okay this is out 100. post at "Sun(rise) on Fire" and we wanted to thank all of you for supporting this side and this project. We never though we could achiev all the things we did. Thank you so so so so so much. Special thanks to all our Family Site and of course a special Thanks to all of you as well :)

Uhm after someone posted a comment to the post about DBS playing in Germany and went over to Amir's Twitter and looked if I could find any post where he confirmed this and I just found this one. Unfortunatley I don't know if she means Julien-K or Dead by Sunrise, anyways... they're comming to Germany :)

They also added some shows in the US.

14. Okt. 2009 20:00
The Gramercy Theatre New York, New York
19. Okt. 2009 20:00
The Roxy West Hollywood, California

And I also uploaded a new picture from the Making of... of "Crawl back in" in the
Gallery. So make sure to went over and check it out ;)

Rock on, Ryan :P

Recording "Too late"

Okay, I saw that DBS updated a new "Making of" video at their MySpace so for sure, we're posting it as well ;)
It's about recording a song called "Too late" and of what you can hear, that will be another great song. So far I'm still excited for "Out of ashs" but I am also a little dissapointed because of songs like "My Suffering" or "Inside of me" - they could be better... in MY opinion. But you always have tracks you like more than other - on every record so... no worry's haha

DBS Concerts [Confirmed]

It's no secret anymore that DBS plans on coming to Europe to play some shows. People say that they'll go to Asia as well, I don't know what's confirmed. It's only what I heard from reliable sources.

What seems to be sure is that they'll play a show in Germany, 10.10.2009. They'll perform during a show called "StockCar Crash Challenge". You can still get tickets to the show, it's a car race, basically, and all they're trying to do is damaging the cars until you can't drive with them anymore. Therefore, DBS will play only one or two songs, I guess, since there'll play two other bands, too.
This seems to be official BUT I watched TV Total yesterday and he didn't say anything about DBS. He usually talks about the Car Challenge and says something about the bands but he didn't mention DBS.
According to LPlive, people on twitter and JK Germany, it's confirmed that DBS will perform at the said show in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

We will try to keep you informed on it ;)

Source: LPlive, Julien-K Germany

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NEW Stuff at Sun(rise) on Fire

Okay, I didn't update here in a while haha And I am sorry about that but now I'm back with some awesome news.
Sun(rise) on Fire has a Gallery NOW!
We worked hard on it and put a lot of work into it, so please check it out and let us know what you think ;)


You can find the link for the Gallery in our sidebar as well ;)

Other than that I want to update a little video that we got from RobChester Fansite, thank you for letting us know :)

I also got a tweet from LinkinParkReturn which posted some sneak peaks of "Let down" out of a LPTV Episode and a LPUTV Episode.

See LPTV here: "Let down"
and LPUTV here: "Let down"

And we also wanted to let you know that we're having another new partner Site :) Please welcome Julien-K Germany ;) Love you guys, thank you!

[EDIT] DBS on Rockline/Rehearsing/Vegas Show

1. The guys will be on Rockline on Monday, 28th September at 8:30pm PT / 11:30pm ET. You can call in and ask them questions, calling the following number: 1-800-344-ROCK (7625). For more information on how to listen to the broadcast and any further information, check their site.

You'll be able to listen to the stream for two weeks on their site, this begins the afternoon after the broadcast.

2. According to a tweet by Talinda (thanks to luvnlp for retweeting ;), DBS is rehearsing for some upcoming shows! So there'll be more than just two shows, I guess...

3. It's nothing important, I only wanted to add this "poster" which can be found on their myspace.

Source: LPTimes

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GoTV videos on youtube

There are finally videos of the GoTV show with Chester on youtube. Julien-K Germany has them uploaded onto their youtube channel, so check them out there.

The good thing is: It's only subtitled! Which means you can hear Chester talking in English ;)

Source: Julien-K Germany

French Linkin Park Wikipedia

A few weeks ago, I was checking ZoneLP for news and found an article about an Linkin Park Wikipedia. I always thought that a Wikipedia, an own Wikipedia capturing all our LP knowledge, was a good idea. So, I took a look at the site and have to say that those guys are doing an awesome job. There's still not much, for example the members' biographies aren't completed. But -and that's why I'm posting it on here- they have an entry for Dead By Sunrise which I think is pretty good. It's not much, it's actually very short, so maybe there's a bunch of people who want to help them out.
The sad thing is, the site is only in French. I thought about asking them to expand, like adding versions in other languages. But unfortunately, I couldn't find any email addresses or other ways to contact them. Because an international Wikipedia would be awesome since not everybody speaks French. ;)

For those who want to check the site out, here's the link. I think it's pretty good ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Inside of me"

Ryanne tweeted that "Inside of me" will be the next single streaming at the bands MySpace tonight. So stay tuned and keep and eye at it ;)

I also saw that they'll be playing a show in Columbia, Maryland on October, 23 at Mearywheater Post Pavillon, so stay tuned for more information ;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review on "Crawl Back In"

I was browsing through the internet, when I found a german review on F.A.Z. (which is the abbreviation for "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", one of the best-known newspapers in Germany). To be honest, I was really surprised by it and had to read it. It's from a guy's blog. Apparently, only ranting about music and culture.

And because I don't want to be alone with my wishes to hurt this someone, I translated (only the part of his blog post in which he talks about DBS) it for you :) I hope it gets through what the guy wants to say. Feel free to comment and rant. :D
I'm sorry for any mistakes, I'm sick and therefore unable to concentrate.

[...] And as we are talking about “phat bass lines” and “rich production”: Yesterday, while sitting in the car and driving, I was listening to the radio that was playing “Crawl Back In” by Dead By Sunrise, the solo-project of Linkin Park's singer. The usual angry and tattooed disenfranchised rock. Analog-cheese-music. Bluff-package-punk-rock. Not any important. But how I had to keep myself focused on the traffic and not to burst out in laughter when I heard the noticeable vocational misunderstood singer singing the following line: “I don't want to lose my innocence.” Right after that, he sang: “Won't let your lies take a piece of my soul.” Marvelous! Where did this man get such clever ideas?? Why thinking up brisky metaphors when there's these old phrases from the moldy box of rock lyrics that are still good enough. Helge Schneider's [A/N: Helge Schneider is a German singer and comedian] evergreen “I want to be free” [A/N: Original title is “Ich will frei sein”] came to my mind: “Freedom in boundaries is only dreams made of stone.” Particularly as: Who makes such stupid consesus-punk-rock has already lost their “innocence” years ago when they dyed their hair blonde. Oh, now, I talked to much. Pardon.”

Source: F.A.Z. (it's linked to the article, for Germans who want to read the original article :)