Thursday, September 24, 2009

DBS Concerts [Confirmed]

It's no secret anymore that DBS plans on coming to Europe to play some shows. People say that they'll go to Asia as well, I don't know what's confirmed. It's only what I heard from reliable sources.

What seems to be sure is that they'll play a show in Germany, 10.10.2009. They'll perform during a show called "StockCar Crash Challenge". You can still get tickets to the show, it's a car race, basically, and all they're trying to do is damaging the cars until you can't drive with them anymore. Therefore, DBS will play only one or two songs, I guess, since there'll play two other bands, too.
This seems to be official BUT I watched TV Total yesterday and he didn't say anything about DBS. He usually talks about the Car Challenge and says something about the bands but he didn't mention DBS.
According to LPlive, people on twitter and JK Germany, it's confirmed that DBS will perform at the said show in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

We will try to keep you informed on it ;)

Source: LPlive, Julien-K Germany

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  1. Amir confirmed it, it's ture!