Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NEW Stuff at Sun(rise) on Fire

Okay, I didn't update here in a while haha And I am sorry about that but now I'm back with some awesome news.
Sun(rise) on Fire has a Gallery NOW!
We worked hard on it and put a lot of work into it, so please check it out and let us know what you think ;)


You can find the link for the Gallery in our sidebar as well ;)

Other than that I want to update a little video that we got from RobChester Fansite, thank you for letting us know :)

I also got a tweet from LinkinParkReturn which posted some sneak peaks of "Let down" out of a LPTV Episode and a LPUTV Episode.

See LPTV here: "Let down"
and LPUTV here: "Let down"

And we also wanted to let you know that we're having another new partner Site :) Please welcome Julien-K Germany ;) Love you guys, thank you!

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