Tuesday, September 22, 2009

French Linkin Park Wikipedia

A few weeks ago, I was checking ZoneLP for news and found an article about an Linkin Park Wikipedia. I always thought that a Wikipedia, an own Wikipedia capturing all our LP knowledge, was a good idea. So, I took a look at the site and have to say that those guys are doing an awesome job. There's still not much, for example the members' biographies aren't completed. But -and that's why I'm posting it on here- they have an entry for Dead By Sunrise which I think is pretty good. It's not much, it's actually very short, so maybe there's a bunch of people who want to help them out.
The sad thing is, the site is only in French. I thought about asking them to expand, like adding versions in other languages. But unfortunately, I couldn't find any email addresses or other ways to contact them. Because an international Wikipedia would be awesome since not everybody speaks French. ;)

For those who want to check the site out, here's the link. I think it's pretty good ;)

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