Thursday, October 08, 2009

Article Update: Blabbermouth & Orange Pop

Just found two articles on DBS, one's by Blabbermouth and one's by Orange Pop.
Both only tell us, what we already know but the Orange Pop article has a different view on the band. I put a short part of it (of both) in this post.
Oh, and when you're reading the article on Orange Pop's site, you just have to read the comment under it, it made me laugh. :)

I would say that I wasn't writing songs about my particular problems while I was going through them during this record. I was writing songs about falling in love, and I was kind of skating around the subject a little bit. After I went through all of that, that's when I started writing very clear and very forward songs about what I went through. Read more

Orange Pop:
It's an impression further deepened by the group's debut at the end of August before a Southern California audience of more than 30,000, when, in the middle of Linkin Park's set at the first Epicenter festival in Pomona, DBS unveiled a handful of songs.
"While we were playing," remembers Ryan Shuck, the band's guitarist, "people were yelling 'TOOL!' It was one of the hardest shows … but we didn't expect it to be easy. Between all of us (in the band) we've sold 57 million records, and we didn't get there by going in front of a bunch of people and expecting not to have to fight for it." Read more

Last night's show/LPST Newsletter

First of all, photos, videos and reviews of the show will be added later, so stay tuned ;)

We got the setlist from a friend (thanks, sweety! ;); let us know if you have anything for us from last night's show or want to correct or add something!

Hamburg setlist:
1. Crawl Back In
2. Condemned
3. The Morning After
4. Fire
5. Let Down
6. Walking In Circles
7. Too Late
8. The End Of The World
9. My Suffering
10. Inside Of Me
11. 20 Eyes (The Misfits cover)

Show took about 40 minutes

Starting tonight 8pm PDT, you can listen to Out of Ashes in its entirety on Myspace! I also recommend all Street Soldiers to check their email inboxes!

Talking about it, in the LPST newsletter are two promotion flyers for the shows this month. They're asking you to promote those shows the best you can, for example by posting them on your social networking profiles, message boards, etc.
Here are the upcoming shows:

Oct. 14 - The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY | Tickets ($20.00)
Oct. 19 - The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA | Tickets ($21.50)
Oct. 21 - Jimmy Kimmel Live - Los Angeles, CA | Register For FREE Tickets
Oct. 24 - Merriwhether Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD | Tickets

(Click on the flyers to view the full size)

Log into your LPST account to get more flyers and banners!

Source: LinkinLady, LPST newsletter

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

KROQ Interview/Club Show today in Hamburg!

Here's a KROQ video interview with Amir, Chester and Ryan. Thanks to Sandra, for letting us know about the video ;)

I assume there are still people who want to go to the show today in Hamburg, if so, try to be one of the first 50 people at the venue and you'll win a ticket to the show!
Here's the exact address:

Grosse Freiheit 58
22769 Hamburg

We're expecting photos and reviews! And videos of course, whatever you can get from the guys! ;)

Source: Rob & Chester Fan site,

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ryan and Chester @ 1live

The guys visited the radio station 1live today. So far we don't have that much information but we hope we can fill that in later :)

Until this I want to let you know that I uploaded some pictures of them in the studio of 1live into our gallery (thanks to Matt, for the screenshots, again). You seriously rock, man <3

(click on the pic to get to gallery)

Source: 1live

Some Interview Updates with Chester

I found two new interviews with Chester on our beloved partnersites Chesterland and
By delving into that darkness, you give fans more of yourself, especially in a song like "Inside of Me."

I wrote that song specifically about being away from my family and my wife, and how I really don't like that. I get into a very dark place. I'd battled relapse at that point. I'd been away from her for so long that I was like, "I'm not doing well—I want to drink or do something." That's the kind of thought process that my brain goes into—well, it's bad, let's make it worse. That's not cool, you know? That song is exactly about that. "Fire" is the only song where I didn't go directly to something with me, but after I wrote it, it actually related to me. In a lot of ways, that song is about doing some soul searching and trying to feel that greater power out there in the universe—knowing you're connected to that. Some people feel like it's a sad song about losing somebody and having them look down on you. You always imagine, after someone passes, that they're up there looking down at you and watching over you—that brings comfort to people as well. In that way, I think that song does connect in many different facets. Every song on this record is about a specific thing that happened to me—that I dealt with over the past four or five years. More...

Did you already have an inclination that Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh would be the perfect musicians for Dead By Sunrise? What was it about them that was a good fit for your vision?

I’ve been friends with Ryan and Amir for 10 years now – and close friends. We hang out. When I’m not touring with Linkin Park, I’m with Ryan and Amir. We have plans today where we’re hanging out at the pool. They’re more family than anything else. If I’m at home and they’re around and I play songs, Ryan will be like, “What the fuck is that?” I go, “That’s a song I have.” He’s like, “You need to do something with that.” Timing is always everything as well. The guys were no longer in Orgy, and they were starting with their new band Julien-K. It was kind of like, “We can do this if we wanted to.” When there was time, it kind of all came together.

Mike’s quote was certainly an intriguing one that piqued our curiosity.

That quote is so not Mike’s personality. He’s a really pretty humble guy, and he doesn’t like to toot his own horn. For him to come out and say – “ Yeah, it’s genre-busting” – it’s kind of like, “Well, all right!” More...

Monday, October 05, 2009

The Myspace Music Feed: Interview w/ DBS

Thanks to luvnlp for twittering me the link! ;)

Here's the interview:

The MySpace Music Feed: Dead By Sunrise and Lights

Only two days until our project ends!

MTV Breakthrough-Video DEAD BY SUNRISE!

Our lovely partner site Julien-K Germany posted this video. It's a german MTV Comercial for "Out of Ashes"

I also added some new pics to the Gallery :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Music for Relief: LA, Samoa, Indonesia

As well as we supported Mike's Art Show "Glorious Excess dies", we're also supporting Music for Relief. Mike posted this on his blog at

There is a lot going with Music For Relief right now. For those in Los Angeles, there is an event happening nearby. Here's an update:

"Please join Music For Relief and Tree People October 17th as we work together to plant trees in Stenton Ranch Park in Sylmar, CA. In 2008 Sylmar saw two fires that burned over 35,000 acres and displaced some 50,000 people. Between 9am and 12 pm we will reforest the park with 30 trees that will provide shade, oxygen and revitalize a beautiful landscape. Take part in this rewarding experience! Register on the Tree People website by following the link and filling out the registration form. If you have any questions, please email Megan at"

But also, for those elsewhere in the world who can help, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake was followed by a series of tsunamis, affecting the Pacific islands of Samoa, Tonga and America Samoa. Pago-Pago the capitol of American Samoa was badly damaged. The death toll is currently at 146, with hundreds missing. Sixty villages have been completely destroyed. The Red Cross is reporting 15,000 people affected, with 3,000 homeless. In addition, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Sumatra on Wednesday followed by a 6.6 magnitude quake on Thursday causing severe damage and it is estimated that 1100 people ere killed. Accurate information on the number of people affected or displaced by the disaster is not yet available as the search and rescue effort is still underway, but it is known that in Padang alone, at least 500 homes are caved in, hospitals, schools and other buildings have collapsed.

Please visit to find a way to help.

"Let down" + Screencaptures

You can also listen to "Let down" now on the band's MySpace:

And will add some screencaptures of the Photoshoot video later on :)
So make sure to stop by later today and check them out.

Thanks to Chesterland, we love you guys!