Saturday, September 19, 2009

"We'll make records when we can."

This sounds great: There's going to more DBS in the next years! Let's hope he keeps his promise because promoting his solo-project in between LP-time-off's is a good idea ;)

Chester recently spoke with explaining Dead By Sunrise will not be a one time thing.

"We'll make records when we can," Bennington -- who started forming Dead By Sunrise, originally as Snow White Tan, in 2005 -- tells "I don't think people should expect to see an album every couple of years. I'm definitely not going to tell Linkin Park, 'Hey, can you guys take some time off so I can go work on Dead By Sunrise?' That's not gonna happen. But we definitely see this as something we'll continue to do. This isn't a one-time thing for us. Every five years or so I could imagine there'd be a Dead By Sunrise record."

He states that he is looking forward to playing live shows in support of "Out of Ashes", due out October 13th.

"We really are looking forward to going and playing small venues for a few hundred people," he says, "and really having the people who want to hear us play getting sweaty with us and having speakers right in their faces and blasting them pretty loud."

Chester also comments on Linkin Park, saying that the band would like to have their new album out by mid-2010 but "won't put anything out until we can pull a batch of super-stellar songs together." Read more

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Source: Rob & Chester fan site

Friday, September 18, 2009

Work in progress

Hey guys :)
I just want to let you know that we're working hard on the gallery for "Sun(rise) on Fire". Hopefully it will be finished during this weekend.

BUT, we still need your help. So if you have any pictures from Dead by Sunrise or anything that has to do with the Band or the Members, please send us a mail at:

Any news or videos are appreciated as well :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dead by Sunrise show in Las Vegas!

Wanna see Dead by Sunrise' first concert? Wanna meet the Band?
Than check this out ;) or visit

Dead By Sunrise will be playing at Wasted Space inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on October 1st! Tickets for the show will go on sale this Saturday at 12pm! This is the bands first full electric performance in Vegas and it's a small venue, so tickets will go FAST! More ticket info coming soon.

We're also hooking up one of you with a pair of tickets to the show as well as passes to meet the band! All you have to do is email with the following information:

Subject: MYSPACE Ticket Giveaway!

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ryan Shuck about...

Found this great words from Ryan Shuck about Amir and Chester on Julien-K's homepage :)

Amir Derakh


Chester Bennington

Click on the pictures to see them full size

Awesome Interview with Ryan and Amir

I'm terribly bored so I snooped around a little bit and found this awesome Interview, for MishMash TV, with Ryan and Amir on Julien-K's YouTube Channel.
One of the best interviews ever. Totally awesome and funny, so check it out.
They're also talking about Dead by Sunrise, so I thought I update it and share it with all of you :)

And yes, I still love Ryan and Amir ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chester promotes "My suffering"

Chester just tweeted a link where you can download the song "My Suffering".
Check it out, here!

You can find our Twitter page right here:

Talinda Bennington talks about "Out of Ashes"

Chester's wife Talinda mentioned something about one song on "Out of Ashes" yesterday on Twitter :)

HQ's from Stuttgart concert

Ana from PFF posted some HQ Pictures of Dead by Sunrise, right before the show in Stuttgart, Germany ( 30. July. 2009)
Thank you for that :)

I also found two pictures back I found once on Brandon Belsky's Facebook :)

EDIT! I found more, hot stuff ;)

(click so see them full size)

Okay, that's it and YES, I have a thing for Ryan and Amir ;) Shoot me :P

OOA Listening Party

According to LPAssociation, Myspace will be having a listening party, playing the entire album. To listen to the album, you have to check their Myspace one week before the release on October 13th.

I can't remember anybody else reporting it. Just found it on LPA, and thought it's worth a mention.

Source: LPAssociation

Monday, September 14, 2009

[EDIT] New DBS episode & Making of CBI

And because we love watching episodes in our band's widget, here it is!

EDIT They posted a Making Of "Crawl Back In" on their Myspace.
Dead By Sunrise - Making of the Crawl Back In video

Source: Thanks to luvnlp for your (re)tweet! ♥

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