Monday, September 14, 2009

[EDIT] New DBS episode & Making of CBI

And because we love watching episodes in our band's widget, here it is!

EDIT They posted a Making Of "Crawl Back In" on their Myspace.
Dead By Sunrise - Making of the Crawl Back In video

Source: Thanks to luvnlp for your (re)tweet! ♥

For anyone on twitter, and everywhere else who says they're bored, get your fucking ass to your email host and send us an email with your DBS story. I only want this to succeed, since this is our way to show support! Let's give those DBS guys a little bit of love and let them know that their hard work paid off!
And for those who already sent in their stories and for those who are planning on doing so - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Please send your stories to our email address, which is: The end of the project is set on the 7th of October. So, get your hands on it!

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