Saturday, September 19, 2009

"We'll make records when we can."

This sounds great: There's going to more DBS in the next years! Let's hope he keeps his promise because promoting his solo-project in between LP-time-off's is a good idea ;)

Chester recently spoke with explaining Dead By Sunrise will not be a one time thing.

"We'll make records when we can," Bennington -- who started forming Dead By Sunrise, originally as Snow White Tan, in 2005 -- tells "I don't think people should expect to see an album every couple of years. I'm definitely not going to tell Linkin Park, 'Hey, can you guys take some time off so I can go work on Dead By Sunrise?' That's not gonna happen. But we definitely see this as something we'll continue to do. This isn't a one-time thing for us. Every five years or so I could imagine there'd be a Dead By Sunrise record."

He states that he is looking forward to playing live shows in support of "Out of Ashes", due out October 13th.

"We really are looking forward to going and playing small venues for a few hundred people," he says, "and really having the people who want to hear us play getting sweaty with us and having speakers right in their faces and blasting them pretty loud."

Chester also comments on Linkin Park, saying that the band would like to have their new album out by mid-2010 but "won't put anything out until we can pull a batch of super-stellar songs together." Read more

1. Reminder: We need all the photos you got! Whether own concert photos, signing photos or other photos of DBS.
We take single photo which means if you have picture of just Ryan, you can send it to us AS LONG AS you're sure that the photo has anything to with Dead By Sunrise.
No LP, no private Chester, no Julien-K. Keep it clean, only DBS. :)

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Source: Rob & Chester fan site

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