Friday, September 11, 2009

New Project: Your DBS story

This is our first official Sunrise On Fire project! And it was my idea, so in case it won't work, it's all my fault.

My fiancée and I talk a lot about the upcoming album and the reason why we're looking forward to it. For the two of us, it's a very special album because we relate so much to it - even before we've heard the whole album. Because of the many interviews in which Chester talked about the reasons for him to make this album, the situations, the feelings, the people, etc. that/who made him writing the lyrics, there's a base to which many people can relate to, since the things that have happened to him aren't very rare. So, for me, much like for him, the release of Out Of Ashes is something very special, there are many reasons, personal reasons, why.

What's your part?
Because of the above said, we want you to tell us why you're looking forward to the release of Out Of Ashes. It doesn't have to be a personal reason, it could only be because of the music. That doesn't matter. Tell us about your reason why you're supporting DBS, what you like most about their music/the band and -of course, this is the most important part- what makes you eagerly awaiting the release of their album.

How can I participate?
It's simple; you only have to send us an email. No comments, no shouts in the box. If you have our private email addresses, you can email your story to that address, for all others, this is our email address:

Let's say, your story has to be 10 words long, at least.
No "Because I love Chester so much!!", well, you can add that to your story but please write more than that.

Are there any things left to say? Oh, please spread the word! We want as many people as possible participating! This is not only for our own fan pleasure, maybe we're going to show this to someone in DBS. We'll see what'll come out.

Any questions? Send an email, comment on this or make a shout in the shoutbox! ;)

Oh, and another thing I want to say: We are no Chester fan site! So, everything, every event or whatever else occasion Chester's there as himself or for Linkin Park reasons and not as DBS, won't be updated/posted on this site.


  1. from what ive heard so far of "out of ashes", sounds really good, i cant resist anything that involves Chester, but i do realise their r others in the band that each contribute to make DBS..i wish them all the best, looking forward to more

  2. i put this 2gether:-
    In The Darkness, Im Walking In Circles but its Too Late the Fire is fadin,My Suffering Inisde Of Me feels like Its the End Of The World,
    Let Down, Condemned, i Crawl Back In, Into You, where i feel warm & safe

  3. Thank you, we will post it soonish ;)

  4. Wendy Lipine9/17/2009 1:46 AM

    i am really looking forward to this album, the reason, the sound is amazing, the meaning behind the songs. from what i have heard so far this is an album that i can really relate to, reading the words to fire touched me to the core, i have had a dear friend commit suicide a month ago the words of the song expressed how we all felt about losing him, we all have songs that relate to a part of our life this album is full of them . Thank you DBS

  5. This is an absolutely incredible album, even tough there's only quite a few songs released i can already feel i can relate to it alot! not just because of the beautiful meaning of the words and experiences, but the accomplishments Chaz has completed, it gives me the inspiration to keep going and never give up in life, it makes me want to Crawl back in and be my own self, to look at the stars and know that his music will always be there when there's no hope and ask myself..What the hell is wrong with me? This isn't who I'm supposed to be, take away my suffering and wake up till the morning after.