Monday, September 07, 2009

Track listing for "Crawl Back In" single

If this goes only for the swiss version of the single or for Europe in general, or even the entire world, I don't know. But it seems logical.
And actually - I've expected more. But well, you can't have everything.

Oh, just found out that the 25th Sept is a friday, so I think the release date will be the same for Germany, therefore 28th/29th for the rest of the world (well, mostly).

Title: Crawl Back In
Supplier: Warner Music
Label: WB
Format: Maxi Single
CD Release: 25.09.2009
1. Crawl Back In (Album Version)
2. Crawl Back In (Live Version)
3. My Suffering (Live Version)

Source: Rob & Chester fan site (Thanks to Nici)

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