Saturday, August 01, 2009

Videos of "Fire" & "Crawl back in"

Just go two short videos form Dead by Sunrise performing at stuttgart during the Linkin Park concert. Thanks to
Fly for letting me know ;)


"Crawl back in"

Videos owned by Fly

Twitter post from Amir before show @ UK

Amir just posted a tweet a few secs ago from the show in Knebworth ;)

JulienK Getting ready to play at Knebworth for 40,000 peeps haha Amir

Message From Ryan: First DBS Show!

"Wow. Incredible first Dead By Sunrise show in Stuttgart, Germany. German LP fans are fucking awesome!

Sitting at the airport with the LP crew – everyone half asleep from working their asses off last night. It was incredible to see the crowd clapping their hands as hard as they could and yelling “Linkin Park” ALL NIGHT LONG! I think the DBS set went really well – by “my Suffering” there were hands from front to back for us as well.

This was our first real show, and I am amazed at how well the band performed together. I guess the experience of being in Julien-K together, fresh off our last US tour carried over well into DBS. It was really cool to able to play guitar again –and look over to see my favorite singer (and best friend) rocking the fuck out with us.

The band looked great – seems that we can not shake the fact that we love our fashion. Looks like black and stark white are the color combos that work (so far) for DBS.. Really fun to adapt and evolve our look into a new project.

More later - Knebworth, UK next!

RS "

Ryan wrote a little message on the DBS MySpace about their first show in germany, 2 days ago :)

Screen Caps from second sneak peak video

Chester-land made a few screenshots from Chester and the guys out of the second sneak peak video. I decided to load some of them up here. If you want to see more, check out Chester-land!

Friday, July 31, 2009

UK Pre-Order

Dead by Sunrise posted on their MySpace that "Out of ashes" can now be pre-order on iTunes :) Just the UK though.

Fans in the UK can now pre-order "Out Of Ashes" on iTunes! Don't forget, Dead By Sunrise will be a special three song set as part of Linkin Park's show tomorrow at Sonisphere!

Please note, this pre-order is only available in the UK iTunes store!

DBS update

Amir just posted a little message about Dead by Sunrise on Twitter :)
Check out Julien-K' Twitter account here: Julien-K

"JulienK UK DBS invasion coming today show tomorrow at Knebworth - Amir"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another video update

Dead by sunrise played their first germany "show" yesterday in Stuttgart. They played 3 songs from "Out of ahses" - "Fire", "Crawl back in" & "My suffering"
I found a good version from "Crawl back in", if you have more videos/pictures of the show, just let us know ;)

"Crawl back in"
Stuttgart, 30 July, 2009

Release date + new sneak peak

Another trailer/ sneak peak of the new DBS record ;) Pretty cool video. You can see Chester, Ryan and Amir talk about the album and recording.

AND there's a new release date: "Out of ashes" will be out october, 13 :)
Great month, guys ;)

DBS Video update

Okay I decided to look around and search for some good material of some songs the guys already played ;) And I found one good version of "Walking in circles" which will be on "Out of Ashes" aswell as "Let down". I really like "Let down", this song always brings tears into my eyes ^^ But I chose a old performance of the song, you all propably already knew that one. But I thought it wouldbe nice.

"Walking in circles"
owned by [LP Argentina]

"Let down"

Dead by Sunrise in a Linkin Park Show

Chester talked about playing with DBS during a LP Show.

"During the band's current overseas tour, Bennington has brought his new band with him. During Linkin Park's set, he and Dead By Sunrise will perform a three-song show. "I will be coming out at some point during the Linkin Park set performing new music by Dead by Sunrise, and we'll come back and do Linkin Park," he tells Noisecreep. "It's just kind of, 'Hey, here's what I'm doing, check it out.'

So it's obvious Bennington means it when he says, "If I wasn't on [the show], I'd go see it."

But for those who are anxious to see Dead By Sunrise and can't make it to Pomona, Bennington says they will tour, though with Linkin Park working on a new record, it will be tricky. "We're gonna tour this record as much as possible, and at the same time I'll be working on the new Linkin Park record, which I don't know how I'm gonna do it," he says. "I'm just gonna do it."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dead by Sunrise Tickets giveaway

The Germany concerts are comming closer and closer, now the guys wrote on their MySpace that they're giving away tickets for the concert in stuttgart and that's how it goes.
If some of you got lucky, just let us know ;)
Thank you to Chester-land for the information <3

We’ll be playing a special three song set as part of Linkin Park’s show on select dates of their current tour, including the show this Thursday in Stuttgart, Germany!

We want to hook up 2 people with a pair of weekend camping tickets for the Cannstatter Wasen festival in Stuttgart! For a chance to win these, here’s what you need to do:

1) Put Dead By Sunrise in your top MySpace friends.
2) Email your MySpace url to
3) In the email, include your full name and email address.

We will randomly select two people who send an email to receive a pair of passes for the festival. Tickets will be at will call. We will send you an email with more info if you are selected!

Please note, you must provide your own transportation to and from the show! These tickets do not include transportation or hotel accommodations.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dead by Sunrise performing dates

The band posted on their MySpace some dates when they will perform during Linkin Park concerts. You'll able to see them on:

30. July 09 - Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart
01. August 09 - Knebworth House, Stevenage
02. August 09 - Ferropolis, Graefenhainichen
08. August 09 - Summer Sonic, Chiba City
09. August 09 - Summer Sonic, Osaka
22. August 09 - Epicenter '09, Pomona, California

Apparently.alive will be on the stuttgart concert so I keep my fingers crossed that she'll bring us some great stuff back home ;) I'm jealous to be honest. All for you, Mr. Molko *sighs deeply*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunrise on fire

Finally, after years of waiting, the fabulous singer Chester Bennington presents his solo-project to us, teaming up with some great musicians. Besides him, Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck of the band Julien-K are part of the band Dead By Sunrise.

So, there is much to tell about these guys, about the founding of the band, the reason why the band exists and why they're called Dead By Sunrise. To not bore you out, I will try my best to keep this short but I would love to write as much as I have on mind about it. So, please, please, don't leave me yet!

I am only here to tell you what has happened so far, which is not much but enough to make us all excited for the record, which will fall from the sky in September. It took them a very long time to work on the record, as everybody can notice, since Chester's confession (that he's got another band besides LP) was back in late 2004. At first, it was only Chester but as he told in an interview recently, the guys from Julien-K apparently played around with his music and he fell immediately in love with the new sound of his songs, so he decided to team up with his friends.

Today, they're called Dead By Sunrise and are about to release a record in September. They already played a show on July 4th, during the opening of a new Club Tattoo store in Miracle Mile, Las Vegas. Some great videos of the show are online on youtube, revealing a few great songs of the upcoming album in an acoustic version.

Maybe it was just me but a few months ago when Mike and Chester were talking about DBS and that their album will be released later the year, I didn't believe it because Chester often said when the album would come out but it has never happened. I kept an eye on it, watched what happened and now, as LP is working on a new record, Chester uses the 'spare time' to finally release the DBS album.

So, they're going to release the first single soonish. The videos for the songs 'Let down' and 'Crawl back in' are already done, so it's just a matter of time that you can watch them on their myspace profile.

According to Chester's wife Talinda, Dead By Sunrise will play some shows in England, Germany and Japan, during Linkin Park's set.

As soon as something happens, it will be on here, so stay tuned in :D