Friday, September 11, 2009

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

With the DBS widget you can win a prize pack! What's in it? Stickers and Posters! So, grab the DBS widget from this site, and put it on your blog, website, profile, whatever else internet appearance!
If that already happened, then take screenshot of the part of your site with widget and send it to this email address! And win the prize pack!

Here's the exact text from
As you might know, Dead By Sunrise have an awesome new WIDGET. We want to make sure the world has seen it, and we need your help! Copy the code HERE and paste it in your MySpace profile, blog, or website, then take a screenshot or send the link to your page to DBSGIVEAWAYS@GMAIL.COM. In the next week, we'll go through and randomly select 5 people who send us a screenshot or link to their page to receive a DBS prize pack including stickers and posters! If you are randomly chosen, we'll reply to your email to let you know.

And I added the third part of the interview with Ryan and Chester on Live 105.3 :)

Last but not least - don't forget about our project! :)

Interview + Upcoming TV Appearance

There's an interview with Chester at, go here to watch it.

And there's going to be a TV appearance on the austrian channel gotv. The show is called "hosted by" and this time it's hosted by DBS, presenting 10 videos of other bands that Chester picked out! So to say, his favorite videos.

Is anyone interested in the text that's on the site? If so, I will translate it. It's actually only a short biography, and there's something about the first DBS show in it. And that's it.
But if someone's interested, I will do so. ;)

Source: Rob & Chester fan site

New Project: Your DBS story

This is our first official Sunrise On Fire project! And it was my idea, so in case it won't work, it's all my fault.

My fiancée and I talk a lot about the upcoming album and the reason why we're looking forward to it. For the two of us, it's a very special album because we relate so much to it - even before we've heard the whole album. Because of the many interviews in which Chester talked about the reasons for him to make this album, the situations, the feelings, the people, etc. that/who made him writing the lyrics, there's a base to which many people can relate to, since the things that have happened to him aren't very rare. So, for me, much like for him, the release of Out Of Ashes is something very special, there are many reasons, personal reasons, why.

What's your part?
Because of the above said, we want you to tell us why you're looking forward to the release of Out Of Ashes. It doesn't have to be a personal reason, it could only be because of the music. That doesn't matter. Tell us about your reason why you're supporting DBS, what you like most about their music/the band and -of course, this is the most important part- what makes you eagerly awaiting the release of their album.

How can I participate?
It's simple; you only have to send us an email. No comments, no shouts in the box. If you have our private email addresses, you can email your story to that address, for all others, this is our email address:

Let's say, your story has to be 10 words long, at least.
No "Because I love Chester so much!!", well, you can add that to your story but please write more than that.

Are there any things left to say? Oh, please spread the word! We want as many people as possible participating! This is not only for our own fan pleasure, maybe we're going to show this to someone in DBS. We'll see what'll come out.

Any questions? Send an email, comment on this or make a shout in the shoutbox! ;)

Oh, and another thing I want to say: We are no Chester fan site! So, everything, every event or whatever else occasion Chester's there as himself or for Linkin Park reasons and not as DBS, won't be updated/posted on this site.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chester & Ryan live at 105.3

There are two videos of their appearance at Justin.TV.

Part 1

Watch live video from LIVE 105.3 KITS SAN FRANCISCO on

Part 2

Watch live video from LIVE 105.3 KITS SAN FRANCISCO on

Part 3

Watch live video from LIVE 105.3 KITS SAN FRANCISCO on

Source: Rob & Chester fan site

Update on track listing of Out Of Ashes

It's just a minor update but our friends at Rob & Chester fan site posted the length of the songs on Out Of Ashes.
You may remember that we already posted the track listing, so this is really just a minor update, no need to freak out or something.

01. Fire (3:50)
02. Crawl Back In (3:02)
03. Too Late (2:59)
04. Inside Of Me (2:18)
05. Let Down (3:58)
06. Give Me Your Name (4:56)
07. My Suffering (2:39)
08. Condemned (2:32)
09. Into You (3:23)
10. End Of The World (3:56)
11. Walking In Circles (4:43)
12. In The Darkness (5:27)
13. Morning After (Bonus Track) (3:29)

And don't forget to pre-order in case you still need to!

Source: Rob & Chester fan site

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

... one of the most added Bands on Rock Radio

Just found this nice article at our beloved Chester-land :)

BURBANK, Calif.–Businesswire – Dead by Sunrise,the new band fronted by Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, is coming out of the gate strong with its debut single, “Crawl Back In,” which has been one of the Most-Added tracks at Rock Radio for the last four weeks. The song is the first single from the band’s Howard Benson-produced debut album Out of Ashes, which will be released by Warner Bros. Records on October 13th, 2009.

MySpace premiers the video for “Crawl Back In” today. In addition, Fans will be able to stream the album in its entirety on MySpace via an exclusive “Listening Party” a week before its release.

Dead by Sunrise, which is Bennington on vocals, guitarists Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh (from Orgy/Julien-K), bassist Brandon Belsky, drummer Elias Anda (also from Julien-K), and keyboardist Anthony Valcic, will perform at MTV’s first annual “Ulalume” Halloween festival on October 23rd, 2009, at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD, alongside Paramore, AFI, and Kid Cudi. Their performance will air during a Halloween-themed week on MTV,, mtvU, and

More pictures from Dead by Sunrise

Jen from LL posted us a link in the shoutbox where I found some great pictures of Dead by Sunrise. Mainly Chester and Ryan.
Thank you for the link, sweet :)

(click on the picture to see full size)

See more...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pictures of "Crawl back in" single

Ryanne just sended us these pictures of the single "Crawl back in".
Thank you, girl. Love ya <3

"Crawl back in" Video

Check out the Video for "Crawl back in" <3

Just a small EDIT: For fans in Spain, you can also watch the video on &, when you live in the UK or Ireland, go here.

Source: LinkinLady

Monday, September 07, 2009

Amir Derakh + Sun(rise) on fire

You all know we're on Twitter ( and I have a private Twitter too. I met this awesome girl Ryanne over Twitter and she did write Amir a message he should check out our site.

And now he just answered:

That means... AFTER Talinda, Amir took a look at our site as well... or he just said that but yeah haha We dun want to believe this ;)
Anyways... thank you, Amir. We love you, guys <3

Track listing for "Crawl Back In" single

If this goes only for the swiss version of the single or for Europe in general, or even the entire world, I don't know. But it seems logical.
And actually - I've expected more. But well, you can't have everything.

Oh, just found out that the 25th Sept is a friday, so I think the release date will be the same for Germany, therefore 28th/29th for the rest of the world (well, mostly).

Title: Crawl Back In
Supplier: Warner Music
Label: WB
Format: Maxi Single
CD Release: 25.09.2009
1. Crawl Back In (Album Version)
2. Crawl Back In (Live Version)
3. My Suffering (Live Version)

Source: Rob & Chester fan site (Thanks to Nici)