Thursday, October 08, 2009

Article Update: Blabbermouth & Orange Pop

Just found two articles on DBS, one's by Blabbermouth and one's by Orange Pop.
Both only tell us, what we already know but the Orange Pop article has a different view on the band. I put a short part of it (of both) in this post.
Oh, and when you're reading the article on Orange Pop's site, you just have to read the comment under it, it made me laugh. :)

I would say that I wasn't writing songs about my particular problems while I was going through them during this record. I was writing songs about falling in love, and I was kind of skating around the subject a little bit. After I went through all of that, that's when I started writing very clear and very forward songs about what I went through. Read more

Orange Pop:
It's an impression further deepened by the group's debut at the end of August before a Southern California audience of more than 30,000, when, in the middle of Linkin Park's set at the first Epicenter festival in Pomona, DBS unveiled a handful of songs.
"While we were playing," remembers Ryan Shuck, the band's guitarist, "people were yelling 'TOOL!' It was one of the hardest shows … but we didn't expect it to be easy. Between all of us (in the band) we've sold 57 million records, and we didn't get there by going in front of a bunch of people and expecting not to have to fight for it." Read more

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