Sunday, August 02, 2009

Stuttgart show: Something that sounds like a review

There I am, bringing you three photos of the show. Unfortunately only three because I had to put my camera down. Well, actually, I have five photos but the other two suck.
If you want my photos of the LP show, please visit my blog; if you want to have them for your site, email me!

The last one is from Chester-land because I asked ChesterDEAN if she wants them for CL, so that one is still mine. :)
The show was great, really great. Only 3 songs but it was really good. You could see that Chester was kind of nervous since it was the first real DBS show. But some people even started to sing along with "My Suffering" and he seemed very happy about it.
Another great thing was: He sang so passionately! You could feel how much every single word means to him, it was actually like he told the crowd about his life, about the ups and downs, and how he got through it.
It took them like... 2 minutes to set up everything for them. And you could tell, the other guys in the band were enjoying themselves, they seemed so relaxed.

So, I recommend you to pre-order "Out of ashes", its release is on Oct, 13th.
And thank who ever it was from LP who came up with the idea of DBS playing at some LP shows! Was the best idea ever! They're great!

Thanks for reading, and I apologize for annoying you (if that's the case).

Have a nice and save sunday!

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