Monday, August 03, 2009

Another Message from Ryan

Ryan posted another message on the bands My SpaceHotel Lobby - Leipzig, Germany, 6:50am.

Hotel Lobby - Leipzig, Germany, 6:50am

This is by far the best tour I have ever been on. Not just because were in Europe (been there, done that) - it’s because we actually have TIME on this tour to enjoy Europe. We’re not playing every day, so that allows us a few days at a time to explore and possibly get in to trouble. We have actually been able to go out and eat, shop, and meet people (Amir and I met up w Lars Ulrich while shopping at Liberty in London – pretty awesome if you ask me!!). Very unusual for a world tour – you usually need to work so much because it’s SO expensive, you have to cram TONS into a 2 week period.

Despite my latest Tweets (about the lack of sleep) - we are having fun. Lots of fun. Well – with the lost luggage/instruments exception! The shows have been amazing, the best so far was last night in
Graefenehaichin, Germany. Amazing venue – on the beach of some huge lake, surrounded by massive, ancient machines that can only be described as... Well.. They looked like huge Transformers! They were as big as buildings. I have no idea what they really were, but they were all lit up at night with primary colors. Unreal. Because we played in Germany 2 nights before, the fans REALLY got it quickly. Like I said previously – German LP fans RULE.

Huge crowd the night before in the UK (Sonisphere). BY far - the biggest stage I have ever played on. Really fun after party.. Let’s just say thousands of camping fans, bands, press, industry peeps – partying out in the English countryside after a massive festival till the next morning. Really fun. While partying out in the middle of the fucking forest, I realized that the huge castle-like structure behind me (WTF??) was the house they used for Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight. Fucking cool, right??

Linkin Park has been nothing but COOL to us. These guys are in such a huge band – they don’t really need to give a shit about anyone – but are instead they are some of the best friends you could ever have. They’ve really been going out of their way to make us feel like they want us out here with them, and that they think what we are doing is amazing. Definitely makes you feel good when walking onstage – to know that they are cheering you on from the side. I’ve really been enjoying watching their shows out here – the fans react a bit differently in Europe – it kind of makes it a new experience for us.

At this point I am not capable of sleeping linger than 5 hours at a time. Kind of feels like I am in the military.

I suppose I sort of am.

Next stop: Japan.

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  1. wow it's cool. I always love Germany even though I haven't been there before. And I'm glad that how they love Germany, how they describe Germany, it makes me love Germany more, oh I really want to visit Germany one day... but it's pretty sad they haven't share the photos with us :\