Thursday, October 01, 2009

DBS Merchandise/Epicenter review

YAY, they finally arrived! Those awesome t-shirts landed on earth and you can buy them! They have their own webstore that can be entered here.
The band itself chose the designs for these t-shirts and they really look awesome!

Another thing I want to show to you (it's probably old and you all know it but just enjoy it, it's great):

The crowd's response was beyond electric. Bennington immediately launched into, "Crawl Back In," the first single from Dead By Sunrise's forthcoming Warner Bros. debut, Out of Ashes [due out October 13]. "Crawl Back In" bled true hard rock swagger. Bennington's inimitable voice pulsated with power as he snaked across the stage in classic fashion. Ryan Shuck's riffs coupled with Amir Derakh's base forged a raw gutter rock backdrop for Bennington to slink through. "Crawl Back In" touted an anthemic refrain, and Dead By Sunrise completely hypnotized listeners. On "Fire," the band pulled back some of the intensity, paving the way for a sweeping chorus. Bennington never stopped moving though. His energy was palpable and the lyrics on "My Suffering" felt poetic. Dead By Sunrise played a personal and powerful set, perfectly prefacing their debut—which is bound to be one of the best rock records of the year. Read the whole review

Source:, artistdirect

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  1. I have absolutely fell in love with this album, some of the lyrics i can relate to in my own way. Kind of annoys me some of the reviews ive read, they bring a constant comparison to linkin park, THIS IS NOT LP!!, thats kind of why they dont sound anything like them
    Favourite tracks so far, ive singled out "into the darkness" and "too late"