Thursday, October 01, 2009

CD Reviews/Vegas Show

Out Of Ashes is already out in Japan, therefore there are some reviews. ;) I found two on LPTimes, will add more later.

Out of Ashes is a beautifully crafted album which skillfully takes the listener on a whirlwind trip through Bennington’s remarkable trials of recent life. He lays bare his deepest, most personal moments from when he hit rock-bottom, through his pain and suffering and to his discovery of new love and the process of healing. Read more

This is the debut album of Chester Bennington's side project "Dead By Sunrise". the album begins with Fire, which is a song about losing someone you love and how to deal with that. The song is personal to my heart because I know how it feels and I have to deal with that now so it's like one of my new lifestory songs lol. Read more

You wrote your own review? Send it to us! We will post it on SoF!

And DBS will be playing at the Wasted Space (Hard Rock Hotel) in Vegas today! Stay tuned for photos and videos! ;)
Oh, and of course, you can send us your own photos and videos!

Source: LPTimes

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