Monday, September 28, 2009

SHREDnews reviews on "Out Of Ashes"

They give it a 9 of 10! C'mon, it's surely better!
BUT from another perspective, this rate is good. ;) Since so many people talk bad about it...
On another word, the review is very good. :)

Here's the review:

An artists portfolio is a very important and personal item; only the best of their work is picked to be presented and they must chose each piece themselves. It’s often recommended that an artist begin and finish the portfolio with the two strongest pieces, descending from each end into the middle with the weakest of the strong.

It seems to me that Chester Bennington has followed this advice exactly with his deeply personal new project Dead By Sunrise. Not only is the album some of his finest lyrical work, it also begins and ends with two spectacular tracks, much like his very own portfolio of songs. Full review on SHREDnews

Source: LinkinLady, LPTimes

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