Friday, August 14, 2009

Your music and more article

I found another article yesterday and did my best at translating it. I'm sorry if it sounds bad and if the grammar is bad and etc.
Well, the quote of Mike is in the original article way shorter and translated into german, so I thought I rather take his exact words instead of changing them.
In case, someone already translated it... I'm sorry for wasting your time >.<

So... ah, the guy who wrote the article posted a link to a video on youtube either. I can't watch it because I don't have sound here, so is there someone who can tell me what Chester says in the video? Oh, and screencaps are always welcome.

The songs on “Out of Ashes” already assumed shape before the recording of Linkin Park's double platinum album “Minutes to Midnight”. “I wrote a few songs that I felt were really good but they didn't fit to Linkin Park stylistically,” explains CHESTER. “They were darker and more emotional than everything that I had been doing for Linkin Park until then. So, therefore, I decided to work on those songs instead of turning them into Linkin Park tracks by changing them completely.” Read more

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