Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Several more updates around Dead by Sunrise

I just found this two new "Out of Ashes" Promopictures. If you want to see them in fullsize, just check out our gallery by clicking on the picture ;) Thanks to PFF

Just got this picture from my beloved friend Allison, she won a signed copy of "Out of Ashes" at the LPStreetteam contest. Awesome. If you have any Fan Pictures as well, just send them in to sunrise-on-fire@hotmail.com

There are more pictures in our gallery, make sure to check them out ;)

Roxy, 10/19/2009
Chester + Julien-K
Ulalum Festival

Huge thank you to Chester-land and JoeyDC ;)

We also got te information that the next single from Dead by Sunrise will stream the german Radio's this friday, 30th october. When the video for "Let down" will be out is not out yes. As well Dead by Sunrise announced concerts in Germany in January, but no details so far.

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