Friday, October 23, 2009

Several Updates around Dead by Sunrise

I found serval updates at our beloved Partnersite Chester-land, and I want so share them with you too :)

We start with a review from the show at the Roxy.
"Condemned" gave Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh the space to cut through gnashing choruses with a direct distortion assault. Their grungey and guttural playing perfectly contrasts with Bennington's croon. Before "Fire," Chester let out a big smile, "Welcome to our very first show in Los Angeles! What a fuckin' beautiful moment to share." "Fuckin' beautiful" is the only way to adequately describe the ethereal echo pulsating through "Fire." It shows just how diverse Dead By Sunrise can get, and it also sparked a big sing-a-long. MORE
I will also add some pictures to our gallery later on :)

There will be some screenshots from the "We need to talk" interviews with Ryan and Chester in our gallery as well as Chester-land posted another great interview with Chester from Rocksound.
I will add Screenshot of this too ;)

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