Tuesday, September 01, 2009

3 updates in 1

1. You can pre-order "Out of Ashes" now on iTunes! Pre-ordering the digital version of the album gets you the following:

If you pre-order the album, not only will you get "Morning After" and a live version of "Crawl Back In" as bonus tracks, you'll also be able to download "Fire" instantly!

2. You can now stream the song "Fire" on DBS' Myspace! Just go here.

3. The premiere of the video for "Crawl back in" will be on Tuesday, September 8th! So I think, further information on where the premiere will be will come. Otherwise, I'm sure it'll either on their Myspace or in the widget.

Oh, and a special thanks to those who worked on DBS' profile on Last.FM! Just opened and checked their profile - it's great!

Source: Myspace, CBennington.com

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